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40mm 2016 Ceramic-Bezel Rolex SUB DATE 116610LN — MINT, UNWORN!
40mm 2016 Ceramic-Bezel Rolex SUB DATE 116610LN — MINT, UNWORN!

40mm 2016 Ceramic-Bezel Rolex SUB DATE 116610LN — MINT, UNWORN!

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Our Item no.:  WSN 1435


We have a Feb 2016 Rolex SUBMARINER DATE, model reference number 116610LN, which still has some of its seals/stickers on it, and is in mint condition. It comes (of course) with its box and papers.

As you probably already know, the insert of the diver's time-lapse (uni-directionally rotatable) bezel of this model is made from a glossy black piece of ultra-hard ceramic, which—owing to its scratch and dent resistance— will help to ensure this watch will probably continue to look like new for many years to come.

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Your outlay could be considerably less than this price, of course, because we may also consider your existing Swiss watch in part exchange.

Note that we also offer 12 months of interest-free finance on upto 90% of the amount payable, subject to acceptance. (Application for finance would be made at our shop.)

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If you'd like to know more about this Rolex ceramic-bezel diver's / tool watch, don't hesitate! Just call us (on 0161 831 9649 during normal business hours, Mon-Sat inclusive) or send us a message now**.  Or better yet, get down here pronto!

Note that, unusually for us, the accompanying photos are actually our own library photos of a different watch (one with the same Rolex model name, number and spec.,) that we sold recently. (There are actually some tiny differences in the lettering on the lower half of the watch's dial.)  But even when we post photos of the actual item for sale, we would still always encourage you to call into our shop in person if you can. There really is no substitute for handling and inspecting a watch that you may be interested in buying. And you'd be very welcome here too — we're a friendly bunch who recognise that not everyone who comes into our shop might be ready to buy yet, so don't be shy.

We're located just off St Ann's Square, in the heart of Manchester's city-centre shopping district. Here, typically, you're able to browse around one hundred and fifty (and growing!) other pre-owned Swiss watches in a wide range of brands and models that we have out on display (but with an emphasis on Rolex), each of which has been carefully selected, based on its condition, from among the many more watches that we see and handle every day.

With that many great-condition, pre-owned Swiss watches to choose from, we probably offer you **THE BEST** chance in the region (and far beyond) of being able to find your next high-end watch, one that feels just right for you.

**When enquiring about this particular item, please quote our unique stock/item number for it, which is WSN 1435. (This will make it easier for us to identify and locate the watch and its details for you. Thank you.)

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