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About Us

The store front of Swiss Watch Shop in Manchester city centre Swiss Watch Shop is a luxury watch boutique focused, for your convenience, on making available to you only the very best condition pre-owned Swiss-brand watches.

We're based in Manchester's illustrious Royal Exchange Arcade, which is right in the heart of this dynamic city's shopping district. (How to find us)

The core retail team here now has well over 80 years of experience between them across the areas of precious gems, jewellery, high-end watches, retail, security and finance.

This is in addition to its non-core staff, plus a very well equipped on-site jewellery and watch repair workshop, which is manned by highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Our ability to source, refurbish and service watches (for example, our ability to source original parts) is further supported by our hard-won and extensive network within the trade.

Choose from a superlative collection of pre-owned watches!

Our aim is to serve you in our friendly and down-to-earth shop with what is probably the North West's most extensive, hand-picked collection of *excellent, near-mint and mint* condition pre-owned watches from prestigious brands such as

  • Rolex (the dominant brand)
  • Omega
  • Cartier
  • TAG Heuer
  • Breitling
  • IWC
  • Tudor
  • Panerai
and other Swiss brands of distinction too.

The vast majority—almost all—of the watches we sell come with box and papers, and the small percentage without papers are checked against databases such as the Watch Register to ensure they haven't been reported as stolen. (The Watch Register works with insurers and law enforcement agencies and maintains the world's largest database of lost and stolen watches.)

For your additional reassurance and peace of mind, we also guarantee every watch we sell to the public for a period of 12 months.

We also sell diamond jewellery, and our aim in doing so is to offer an easier and better-value-for-money alternative for couples who want more for their money when it comes to this important investment.

Selling your Watch? Want the best price?

Swiss Watch Shop is probably the largest and most trusted buyer of Swiss watches from the public in the UK's North West, so why not get a no-obligation quote from us?

Either give us a call (0161 831 9649), send us an email with a photo or two, make an appointment to call into our shop with your watch (preferably on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday when our main watch dealer is usually here) or fill in and submit this form to request an estimate of what we might pay you for your watch.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something new and want to trade in your existing watch, we offer generous part-ex deals.

We Also Provide...

  • A wide range of Hirsch watch straps
  • Everest straps in soft rubber or leather, "The number one choice for aftermarket Rolex straps"
  • Aftermarket dials and bezels for your Rolex watch: we have mother-of-pearl dials, diamond-dot dials, diamond-encrusted bezels and others on display in the shop
  • TimeApp Milano luxury covers for personalising Rolex Oyster and Rolex Jubilee bracelets (makes a great gift for your Rolex-wearing friends and loved ones!)
  • Watch winders
  • Watch battery replacement
  • Watch repairs, including straps/bracelets
  • Watch servicing
  • Watch refurbishments (a 'refurb' is a careful polishing by a skilled technician using Rolex-grade mops, followed by ultrasonic cleaning and a final steam clean. Customers are often wowed at how new their watch looks again after one of our refurbishments!)
  • New diamond jewellery for every occasion
  • Pre-owned diamond jewellery
  • Certified diamonds
  • 'Manchester Bee' jewellery in gold and diamonds
  • Bespoke jewellery
  • Jewellery repairs and alterations
  • Valuations (e.g., for insurance purposes)

As well as buying watches, we also buy unwanted gold and jewellery: call in for a fair and competitive price. We'll even be happy to suggest one or two other places in the area for you to try to help you get the best price available!

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