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FANTASTIC Condition 2003 18ct Gold Rolex OYSTER 76198 with Original Diamond-Dot Dial
FANTASTIC Condition 2003 18ct Gold Rolex OYSTER 76198 with Original Diamond-Dot Dial

FANTASTIC Condition 2003 18ct Gold Rolex OYSTER 76198 with Original Diamond-Dot Dial

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Item no.:  WSN 1455

It's obvious as soon as you pick this 2003 watch up that it must surely have been put away in a drawer or cupboard for most of its life, because its condition is about as good as pre-owned watches get! It's astonishingly good for something around 16/17 years old! Even its box and papers are in almost-like-new condition! Terms like "fantastic", "mint", and "virtually like new" are no exaggerations: its edges are sharp and well defined where they are supposed to be. Looking at and handling a watch that's in such fantastic condition is always a pleasure, and that pleasure will be yours too when you become its proud owner.

In addition to its condition, this is also an attractively curious model: the base model (it is a Rolex 'OYSTER', model reference number 76198) is a fairly straightforward one, having no superfluous, fancy-schmancy functions: it doesn't even display the date! You could say that, functionally, it's a very 'pure' and understated watch. And yet that simplicity contrasts with the indulgent luxury of its case, bracelet and dial. The former two are crafted from 18-carat yellow gold, the bracelet is an example of Rolex's more decorative, jewellery-like Jubilee designs (whose folding clasp is hidden for a more attractive uninterrupted aesthetic), and the dial is the original-Rolex, diamond-dot dial in a 'champagne' (i.e., matching gold) colour.

Sparkly Indeed!

Two things to note about the dial:

    (1) Most Rolex dials that have been set with diamonds to mark the hours have *ten* diamonds: the 12 o'clock position is taken up by the crown logo, and the 3 o'clock position is usually taken up by the date window. This one has *eleven*. (I know, I know, references to Spinal Tap's special amplifiers might come to mind, but I make a serious point:) Such dials are surprisingly rare. And somehow they're also aesthetically just more satisfying, probably because of their symmetry and simplicity; and
    (2)  Having seen many diamond-set dials by other (aftermarket) manufacturers, but also by other well-known, high-end Swiss watch brands, I can assure you that Rolex really know how to select, cut and set their diamonds so that they reflect the light significantly more brightly, fully and sharply. The first (unenhanced) photo above gives just a little taste of this: look at how brightly the diamonds reflect the light when viewed face-on.

Inside the hermetically sealed, tank-like case of this special watch is, of course, an automatic mechanical movement in the Rolex tradition.

Our Price and Guarantee

Our price for this incredible condition and elegant, 18-carat ladies' gold Rolex watch is £POA

However, note that your cash outlay could be significantly less than our asking price, because we may also consider your old Swiss watch (or watches) in part exchange if you have one. (If there is any possibility you might like to do a part-exchange deal when you visit us, please bring your watch(es) in with boxes and papers if you still have them, together with some photoID such as a driving licence or passport.)

Note that we can also offer 12 months of interest-free credit on upto 90% of the amount payable (subject to acceptance): this would have to be arranged on our premises.

For your peace of mind, and despite its age, we will be happy to guarantee this watch for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. Rest assured that we have a LOT of experience guaranteeing, servicing, repairing and otherwise providing after-sales support for Rolex (and other Swiss-brand) watches, with our own workshop on site, plus access to external technicians (for any of those rarer, more challenging and specialist jobs), and access to original parts too.

To find out more

If you'd like to know more about this item, or indeed about any of our other pre-owned watches from the prestigious, recognised and celebrated Swiss brands in which we deal, please don't hesitate to call us on 0161 831 9649 (normal business hours, Mon-Sat inclusive). Alternatively, why not send us a message now**?

The accompanying photos are of the actual item that we have for sale. Despite that, we would of course always suggest you call into our shop if you can: we think it'd even be worth a special trip into Manchester!

After all, there really is no better way to check out a watch that you might be interested in owning than to come and take a closer look at it. Inspect it, handle it, try it on for size and ask us about it! Of course, while you're here, you can browse our large collection of other superlative-condition famous Swiss brand watches. In any case, not only would you be very welcome, but you'll also be in the heart of Manchester's shopping district (we're located just off St Ann's Square) and there are plenty of places nearby to enjoy a coffee too, so why not plan a visit soon?

Here, you're typically able to browse around one hundred and fifty pre-owned Swiss watches that we have out on display, each of which has been carefully selected, based on its condition, from among the many more watches that we see and handle every day. (To a large extent, that's in effect what we do: we 'filter' pre-owned watches. Only the very best of what we buy in or receive in part exchange deals make it onto our display shelves and onto this website, and this particular ladies' gold Rolex watch is perhaps the ultimate example of those efforts. The rest are sold on: for example, to smaller dealers in the trade.)

The result is that, in terms of condition, we probably have **the best** collection of pre-owned Swiss watches in the region! Why not take advantage of that fact to make it easier to find your next (or perhaps your first) Swiss watch that's in the sort of condition that you'd prefer. A watch that delights you: you know, one of those purchases that leaves you feeling completely satisfied that you've chosen well and that gives you pleasure for months and years ahead!

**When enquiring about this particular watch, please quote its unique stock/item number, which is WSN 1455, so we can more easily identify and locate the watch and its details for you. Thank you.

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