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Stunning 2013 Rolex SUBMARINER DATE Model Ref 116613LB
Stunning 2013 Rolex SUBMARINER DATE Model Ref 116613LB

Stunning 2013 Rolex SUBMARINER DATE Model Ref 116613LB

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Item no.:  WSN 1511

That Blue!!

There's no other watch like the "LB" ceramic-bezel Sub: just look at that blue!

And in particular, it's that combination of such a rich, mid blue and that 18-carat yellow gold...  Perhaps this combination evokes the rich blue and gold of Tutankhamun's face mask (a treasure of untold value)? But in any case, this Rolex SUBMARINER DATE with model reference number 116613LB presents a gorgeous combination of colours that is bound to be admired while it's on *your* wrist!

This particular example was new in 2013, comes with its box and papers and is in very good to excellent condition.

The headline features of this statement timepiece are its "Yellow Rolesor" combination of 18-ct yellow gold and highly corrosion-resistant 904L stainless steel, and its unidirectionally rotatable, 60-minute graduated diver's time-lapse bezel, which sports a super-hard Cerachrom ceramic insert with clear numerals and graduation marks. (Being ultra hard, and therefore scratch and dent resistant, the ceramic insert helps to keep your watch looking more like new for much longer.) The zero marker of the bezel is luminescent.

In addition to the damage-protection measures like the ceramic bezel and the ultra-hard sapphire from which the crystal is formed (which help to protect the value of your watch), it's also worth noting that Rolex models which combine yellow gold, ceramic bezel inserts and plenty of colour like this one really hit the demand sweet spot, and this popularity is expected to support resale values for many years to come.

Our Price and Guarantee

Our price for this particularly sought-after, in-demand model is £POA

Note, however, that if you already own a Swiss-brand watch, we may be able to do a part-exchange deal to significantly reduce your cash/money outlay.

Furthermore, we now offer 12 months of interest-free finance for upto 90% of the amount payable. (Finance would be arranged / applied for in the shop prior to purchase.)

For your peace of mind, we will guarantee this watch for a full 12 months from the date of your purchase. That guarantee is underpinned by the fact that we have our own, on-site workshop, plus on-site and off-site technicians who have years of experience working with Rolex and other Swiss watch brands (something not always available when you buy from private traders online)!

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If you'd like to know more about this item, or indeed about any of our other pre-owned watches from the prestigious, recognised and celebrated Swiss brands in which we deal, please don't hesitate to call us on 0161 831 9649 (normal business hours, Mon-Sat inclusive). Alternatively, why not send us a message now**?

Note that, unusually for us, the accompanying photos are actually our own library photos of another watch we sold recently with the same model number/spec. But we'd always suggest you call into our shop if you can anyway: we think it'd even be worth a special trip into Manchester!

After all, there really is no better way to check out a watch that you might be interested in owning than to come and take a closer look at it. Inspect it, handle it, try it on for size and ask us about it! Of course, while you're here, you might also wish to browse our large collection of other watches. In any case, not only would you be very welcome, but you'll also be in the heart of Manchester's shopping district (we're located just off St Ann's Square) and there are plenty of places nearby to enjoy a coffee too, so why not plan a visit soon?

Here, you're typically able to browse around one hundred and fifty pre-owned Swiss watches that we have out on display, each of which has been carefully selected, based on its condition, from among the many more watches that we see and handle every day. (To a large extent, that's in effect what we do: we 'filter' pre-owned watches. Only the very best of what we buy in or receive in part exchange deals make it onto our display shelves and onto this website, and this particular watch is a great example of that. The rest are sold on, for example to smaller dealers in the trade.)

With that many prime-condition, pre-owned Swiss watches to choose from, we probably offer you **THE BEST** chance in the region of being able to find your next, or indeed your first, watch of the sort of calibre and in the sort of condition that you surely deserve; one of those purchases that leaves you feeling completely satisfied that you've chosen just right!

**When enquiring about this particular watch, please quote its unique stock/item number, which is WSN 1511, so we can more easily identify and locate the watch and its details for you. Thank you.

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