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2017 41mm Rolex DATEJUST 126300 Still Under Rolex Guarantee

2017 41mm Rolex DATEJUST 126300 Still Under Rolex Guarantee

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Item no.:  WSN 1502


This excellent condition 41mm Rolex DATEJUST, with model number 126300, was new in October 2017 and comes with box and papers.

As a green seal watch (i.e., one whose proper functioning is guaranteed internationally by Rolex for *5-years* from the day it was bought from the official Rolex dealer), it's reassuring to know that this watch will remain under that guarantee until 30th Oct 2022!

Given its stainless construction and dark blue dial, this watch has a relatively understated charisma, but still plenty of 'presence', perhaps due to its masculine size (41mm) and that unadorned and relatively chunky polished bezel. However, this watch presents a decorative flourish in the form of its 'Jubilee' bracelet, Rolex's more intricate design of bracelet. Although the Jubilee has long been a staple of the Datejust range, its pairing with the larger, chunkier watch cases like this one is perhaps seeing a bit of a renaissance: just look at the GMT-Master II model number 126710BLNR (the newer 'Batman' that's mounted on a Jubilee) as another example.

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