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2002 Rolex LADY DATEJUST 79173 with MOP Dial and Service History
2002 Rolex LADY DATEJUST 79173 with MOP Dial and Service History

2002 Rolex LADY DATEJUST 79173 with MOP Dial and Service History

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Item no.:  WSN 1527

This is a very elegant ladies' 26mm Rolex LADY DATEJUST with model reference number 79173 that was new in 2002, comes with its box and papers and is in very good condition.

It features 18-carat yellow gold (making up the 'Oyster' bracelet's middle link pieces, the dial's fluted bezel and the winding crown) and an especially corrosion-resistant grade of stainless steel that has been chosen by Rolex in part for how well it finishes (whether polished or brush-finished).

The shimmering Rolex dial is crafted from a unique piece of mother of pearl, which displays irridescent greens and pinks as it catches the light, and is completed by Roman numerals and hands in polished yellow gold (to prevent tarnishing).

This watch was serviced by Rolex in July 2012 (we have the Rolex service guarantee card with its papers), and again (by David M. Robinson) in 2015. NB: very few pre-owned Rolex watches have had that much attention given to them. Few have been serviced even once, let alone twice!

Our price for this very attractive ladies' Rolex is £POA

Some other things to consider

Please don't mistake the price of a Rolex for the cost of ownership! To give yourself a better idea of what it might cost to own a watch like this one (and a better idea of why owning a Rolex watch costs a lot less than many realize), just imagine what you might be able to sell this watch for again in a few years time. Then subtract that from our price of £4,500, and divide by the number of months (e.g., 36): it's only then that you begin to realize that the monthly cost of owning a Rolex watch—especially a pre-owned Rolex watch—can be very low indeed, and often even zero or negative! (For example, our price for this watch is significantly more than it was originally bought for back in 2002, so Rolex watches can often prove to be a hedge against inflation.)

Note also that, if you already own a Swiss-brand of watch, we may be able to do a part-exchange deal so that your cash/money outlay is significantly reduced. (If you trade in a watch that is worth more than this watch, we'll even pay you the difference, of course.)

Furthermore, we now offer 12 months of interest-free finance for upto 90% of the amount payable, subject to acceptance. (Finance would be arranged / applied for in the shop prior to purchase.)

Our Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we'll guarantee the proper functioning of this watch for a full 12 months from the date of your purchase. Not only do we have a lot of experience supporting the brands of watches that we deal in, that guarantee is also underpinned by the fact that we have our own, on-site workshop, plus on-site and off-site technicians who have years of experience working with Rolex and other Swiss watch brands (something not always available when you buy from private traders online)!

To find out more

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The accompanying photos are our own photos of the watch available. However, we'd still always suggest you call into our shop if you can to take a proper, close-up look: we think it'd even be worth a special trip into Manchester!

After all, there really is no better way to check out a watch that you might be interested in owning than to come and inspect it, handle it, try it on for size and ask us about it! Of course, while you're here, you might also wish to browse our large collection of other watches. In any case, not only would you be very welcome, but you'll also be in the heart of Manchester's shopping district (we're located just off St Ann's Square) and there are plenty of places nearby to enjoy a coffee too, so why not plan a visit soon?

Here, you're typically able to browse typically over one hundred and fifty pre-owned Swiss watches that we have out on display, each of which has been carefully selected, based on its condition, from among the many more watches that we see and handle every day. (To a large extent, that's in effect what we do: we 'filter' pre-owned watches. Only the best of what we buy in or receive in part exchange deals make it onto our display shelves and onto this website, and this particular watch is a sound example of that. The rest are sold on, for example to smaller dealers in the trade.)

With that many prime-condition, pre-owned Swiss watches to choose from, we probably offer you **THE BEST** chance in the region of being able to find your next, or indeed your first, watch of the sort of calibre and in the sort of condition that you surely deserve!

**When enquiring about this particular watch, please quote its unique stock/item number, which is WSN 1527, so we can more easily identify and locate the watch and its details for you. Thank you.

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